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We sell:

Organic Raspberries - PYO:

Pricing - $4/pint

Organic Garlic & Seed Garlic:

Season 2016: This year is looking like our best year ever. We usually start selling garlic for use, and seed garlic around Sept. 1. See the Craigs List ad for photos and more info -

Pricing - Premium - $16/lb. , Extra Large - $12/lb. , Large - $10/lb. , Medium - $8/lb. , Small & Culls - $6/lb. , Discount for sales over 3 lbs. Available starting Sept. 1

Organic Shiitake Mushrooms:

Pricing - Wholesale - $8.00/lb. , Farm Price - $10/lb

Organic Shiitake Mushroom Logs:

We have both ready to fruit logs and freshly innoculated logs for sale. The logs innoculated this year will be ready to fruit in late June of next year. The one year old logs are ready to fruit right now. All logs are 32 inches long, 4 to 7 inches diameter, and will fruit 2 times per year for about 4 years. Production should be 1 lb./log per year. See more info at www.mushroom.photos.net Pricing - $10/log for new logs, and $15/log for one year old ready to fruit logs.


Raspberry Schedule:

We are opening to the public for picking in season, usually from early July thru Early August, though maybe a few days later, depending on the weather and temperature. Call for picking times and for a berry report tel. - 802-371-9808

Season 2016: We have no idea yet what exact date we will start picking, but in the past 8 years it has been somewhere between July 2 to July 14. It should go for exactly 4 weeks. Call 802-371-9808 for berry picking conditions. Last year was July 10 - Aug 9th. I expect this year to be a bit earlier.

Regular picking hours are:

Tuesday and Thursday starting at 3PM

Saturday starting at 10 AM and Sunday starting at 1 PM

It is always best to call before coming, especially if it's a long drive for you, to make sure we have berries available, and the weather is OK for picking.


Location and Other Contact Info:

Mailing Adress:

Steve & Sarah Gallagher
P.O.Box 101, Calais,Vermont, 05648

Telephone: 802-371-9808

More contact info and email here: http://www.songseek.com/

Main Garden Location:

1213 W. County Road, Calais, Vermont 05648
(This is at the intersection of W. County Road and Random Road, about 1.2 miles north of Maple Corner Village)